FAQ: Where Is Chocolate Abuelita From?

Abuelita Chocolate, established in Mexico over 70 years ago, is now owned and manufactured by Nestlé. True to the traditional Mexican recipe, the chocolate tablets include cinnamon.

Where is Ibarra chocolate made?

Ibarra is a brand of Mexican chocolate para mesa (English: “table chocolate”), produced since 1925, and since 1954 produced by the company Chocolatera de Jalisco of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

Why is Abuelita chocolate bad?

That’s when sweet smile of Abuelita (Grandma) does not promise you any good: plain sugar forms 74% by weight! A few other ingredients are not appetizing either: chocolate (barely detected), soy lecithin, vegetable oils, artificial flavor and PGPR – cheap chemical emulsifier often used in place of natural cocoa butter.

Who is the face of chocolate Abuelita?

THE FACE OF ABUELITA™ Sara García, known as the grandmother of Mexican cinema, has graced our packaging for over 40 years. She represents the spirit of ABUELITA—one of warmth, family, and loving indulgence. The La Azteca chocolate factory is founded by the González Barragan brothers in Orizaba, Veracruz.

Is Abuelita chocolate from Switzerland?

Although Abuelita is made in Mexico, the company that owns the iconic hot cocoa brand is the Swiss Corporation Nestle. According to United Press International, Nestle bought Fabrica de Chocolates la Azteca, the company that makes Abuelita, from Quaker Oats in 1994, who had initially acquired the brand in the 1970s.

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Is Abuelita made in Mexico?

Abuelita Chocolate, established in Mexico over 70 years ago, is now owned and manufactured by Nestlé. True to the traditional Mexican recipe, the chocolate tablets include cinnamon.

Which is better Ibarra or Abuelita?

Ibarra has always been compared to Abuelita by many people. Ibarra has been said to be more for kids because of how sweet it is. Abuelita has a more subtle taste compared to Ibarra.

Is Ibarra or Abuelita?

Chocolate Abuelita was first launched in Mexico City in 1939, before being acquired by Nestle in 1995. Chocolate Ibarra was first launched in 1946. Today, Ibarra is controlled by the Ibarra Chocolate Group and is produced by Chocolatera Jalisco in Guadalajara.

Who owns Ibarra?

Maria Ruiz and Mr. Camilo Gomez Ibarra decided to develop a chocolate that could be sold domestically. The brand was born almost decades later when Mr. Gomez made the decision to sell his homemade chocolate with a brand and so the “Ibarra” era began.

Who owns Nestle?

Swiss food and beverage company Nestle is selling its U.S. candy business to Italian confectioner group Ferrero for $2.8 billion in cash, Ferrero announced Tuesday.

Why is Abuelita chocolate so good?

Abuelita is creamier, thicker, frothier, and contains just the right amount of sweetness. You can add a stick of cinnamon to punch up the flavor. Abuelita also comes in powder and syrup form, but it’s best to just go with the OG chocolate tablet.

Can you eat Abuelita?

I just smack it on something solid to break it into pie shaped wedges and eat it. If you prefer to drink it, here’s how to do that. Nestle, a Swiss company, makes a competing product called “Abuelita” that’s not nearly as good. There are good reasons why Mexicans make such better chocolate than the Swiss.

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What language is Abuelita?

Like the German oma and the Italian nonna, the Spanish abuela is a well-known name for a grandmother. It is sometimes shortened to abuelita, which literally means “little grandmother” and is often used as a term of affection.

Is Abuelita vegan?

Abuelita is the more economical option of the three. Though it doesn’t include dairy in it’s ingredients, it is made in a factory that processes dairy, eggs and wheat. The company doesn’t claim the “vegan” label, but on Peta Latino they do list Abuelita chocolate as vegan.

Is Nestle a Mexican brand?

PARENT COMPANY Nestlé International Brands is part of Nestlé USA, which is owned by Nestlé S.A. of Vevey, Switzerland — the world’s largest food company with a focus on Nutrition, Health & Wellness.

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