Often asked: What Country Is Lindt Chocolate From?

In a small confectionery shop on Marktgasse in Zurich’s old town David Sprüngli and his son Rudolf Sprüngli-Ammann produced the first solid bar of chocolate in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. It instantly became a success.

Is Lindt chocolate Swiss or German?

Chocoladefabriken Lindt & Sprüngli AG, more commonly known simply as Lindt, is a Swiss chocolatier and confectionery company founded in 1845 and known for its chocolate truffles and chocolate bars, among other sweets. It is based in Kilchberg, where its main factory and museum are located.

What nationality is Lindt chocolate?

Explore how Lindt & Sprüngli developed from a small, local Swiss chocolate company to the Number 1 in the global premium chocolate market.

What country owns Lindt?

The company employs approximately 400 people, operates in Australia, and is administered from its head office in Marsden Park, New South Wales. Lindt’s ultimate parent is Chocoladefabriken Lindt & Sprungli AG, based in Switzerland.

Who owns Lindt USA?

Lindt & Sprüngli is to construct a manufacturing and warehousing facility in Sydney that will become its Australian headquarters as it reports growth in the market. The company will build a factory at Marsden, Park Sydney that will serve its Lindt cafés in Australia. “It’s not only a plant.

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Is all Lindt chocolate made in Switzerland?

They are made by Lindt & Sprüngli, one of the oldest and most famous chocolate makers in Switzerland. Except they are made by Lindt & Sprüngli in Germany. All the ones in the supermarkets in Bern are made in Germany, although you have to have good eyesight to discover that.

Where is Lindt chocolate made USA?

Headquartered in Stratham, New Hampshire, Lindt USA is located just minutes from the ocean and an hour north of Boston. Quality chocolate products by Lindt & Sprüngli are made right here in the United States at our Stratham, NH, campus, and at 12 locations across Europe.

Is Lindt made in UK?

Today Lindt & Sprüngli is a household name signalling bliss, quality and sweet delight the world over. A global leader in premium chocolate, we are established in more than 120 countries with manufacturing plants in the US and various locations in Europe.

Why is Lindt chocolate called Lindt?

They set to work experimenting with chocolaterecipesuntil, in 1949, they came across a chocolate so luxuriously smooth it could be compared to melted gold. It was named Lindor.

Is Lindt an international company?

Today Lindt & Sprüngli is a household name signalling quality, bliss and sweet delight the world over. A global leader in premium chocolate, we are established in more than 120 countries with manufacturing plants in the US and various locations in Europe.

Where is the Lindt headquarters?

Currently we are present in over 120 countries worldwide with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. Although our main markets are in Europe and North America, our vast global network of distributors, subsidiaries and 500 shops makes Lindt & Sprüngli accessible from every corner of the world.

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Is Lindt chocolate imported?

Shop real Swiss Lindt Chocolate manufactured in Switzerland and imported to the United States. Their iconic “Gold Bars” are 300g chocolate tablets, perfect for gifts and bulk snacking… Lindt’s Swiss truffle pieces also stay true to their name: irresistably smooth.

Where is Toblerone made?

It is produced in Bern, Switzerland and the bear symbol of the city is depicted in the logo. Toblerone is known for its distinctive shape, a series of joined triangular prisms.

Why is Lindt stock so expensive?

Sometimes they’re expensive since the chocolate is a high quality brand. You could also have 180,000 of those Lindor truffles. As a Swiss national institution, they want to preserve the company and its quality from the aggressive acquisitions common in big food.

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