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Question: What Are Chocolate Wafers?

What are Chocolate Wafer Cookies? Chocolate wafer cookies are thin, light, crispy, and intensely chocolatey cookies. They are often crushed up into cookie crumbs to make crusts for cheesecakes and pies, or layered with fillings to make icebox cakes and ice cream sandwiches.

What is a substitute for chocolate wafers?

If you don’t have chocolate wafers then here are a couple good alternatives: If you want another chocolate cookie to use for a pie crust you could substitute equal amounts of Oreo cookies ground in a blender until fine. OR – You could vary the flavor and use Vanilla wafers (ground fine if used for a crust).

What are chocolate wafer cookies UK?

Chocolate wafer cookies are very thin, crispy chocolate cookies that are commonly called for when making chocolate crumb crusts and icebox cakes. They have a bittersweet cocoa flavor to them and a very dark, nearly black, color.

Are wafers real chocolate?

Real Chocolate. Candy wafers are not actually chocolate. In the culinary world, they are also known as compound coating or confectionery coating. Candy wafers not only have easier workability and comparable flavor to other chocolate products on the market, but the finished product looks professional every time.

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Are chocolate discs and wafers the same?

Chopped bars or discs can be used interchangeably with chocolate wafers, pistoles, or fèves, all of which are suitable for melting and look like either buttons or beans.

Are Oreos chocolate wafers?

Oreo (/ˈɔːrioʊ/) is a brand of creme-filled sandwich cookie, consisting of two (usually chocolate) wafers with a sweet crème filling, owned by Mondelez International.

What are Famous chocolate wafers?

Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafers are the perfect dark, crisp chocolate cookie wafer for dessert crusts. Each box comes with a recipe for Famous Chocolate Refrigerator Rolls, which is the product featured on the front of each box. This recipe has been featured on the box for decades, almost since its 1939 inception.

What is the difference between a cookie and a wafer?

As nouns the difference between wafer and cookie is that wafer is a light, thin, flat biscuit while cookie is (label) a small, flat, baked cake which is either crisp or soft but firm (often with chocolate chips, candies or nuts mixed in).

What are wafer cookies?

A wafer is a crisp, often sweet, very thin, flat, light and dry cookie, often used to decorate ice cream, and also used as a garnish on some sweet dishes. Some chocolate bars, such as Kit Kat and Coffee Crisp, are wafers with chocolate in and around them.

What cookies are made by Nabisco?

Today, Nabisco’s brands include some of the best-known cookies and crackers in the world, including Chips Ahoy!, Oreo, Newtons, Ritz, Triscuit, Honey Maid, BelVita, Wheat Thins, Premium Saltines, Nilla, and a fully gluten free line, Good Thins.

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Is Ghirardelli chocolate meltable?

Easy to use, these Ghirardelli melting wafers offer consistent candy making and baking results with no tempering required. Make everything from truffles to dipped strawberries and pretzels in no time with a smooth-as-silk texture and lustrous sheen. Simply melt, dip, chill and enjoy.

Can you substitute chocolate chips for melting wafers?

Chocolate chips are formulated to hold their shape in high heat. Notice when you bake them in cookies at 350 degrees, they come out looking the same. Although, these can be used for melting, they are not ideal. Be careful because they will melt quickly around 80 degrees, but will still hold their shape.

Are Ghirardelli melting wafers tempered?

dark coating wafers! Once melted, these dark coating wafers become the perfect topping or decoration for bonbons, fruits, pretzels, truffles, and other decadent desserts. Best of all, they’re easy to melt, stir, and use with no tempering required!

Can I use Ghirardelli melting wafers in cookies?

We melted a batch of Ghirardelli wafers and used it to dip cookies, pretzels, and strawberries, comparing these with the same items dipped in tempered chocolate. THE VERDICT: The Ghirardelli wafers set up shiny and snappy, but they tasted a bit waxy and lacked the robust flavor of the tempered premium samples.

Can I bake with melting wafers?

They’re perfect for melting as a coating because they don’t contain stabilizers. Wafers are fantastic for unbaked goodies like ganache, puddings, frostings, and coating around candies. Unlike baking chocolate, I don’t recommend wafers for actual baked recipes. You want to reach for chocolate that is made for baking.

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Can I use regular chocolate bar for baking?

Yes, normal eating chocolate can widely be used as a substitute for baking chocolate in almost any recipe. Ordinary chocolate bars are also a popular covering for cakes and muffins, or you can use broken biscuits or chocolate bars in other baking recipes like a tray bake.

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