Quick Answer: What Was Chocolate Used For?

Ancient Mesoamericans believed chocolate was an energy booster and aphrodisiac with mystical and medicinal qualities. The Mayans, who considered cacao a gift from the gods, used chocolate for sacred ceremonies and funeral offerings.

What was chocolate once used for?

Originally, chocolate was consumed as a bitter drink, a frothy liquid mixed with corn puree and spices. It was known to have aphrodisiac powers and provided strength to the drinker, which led the Olmec, Mayan and Aztec civilizations to believe that it possessed some sort of mystical and spiritual qualities.

What was the first use of chocolate?

Chocolate’s 4,000-year history began in ancient Mesoamerica, present day Mexico. It’s here that the first cacao plants were found. The Olmec, one of the earliest civilizations in Latin America, were the first to turn the cacao plant into chocolate. They drank their chocolate during rituals and used it as medicine.

Did Aztecs smoke chocolate?

Aztec use. Unlike the Maya of Yucatán, the Aztecs drank chocolate cold. It was consumed for a variety of purposes, as an aphrodisiac or as a treat for men after banquets, and it was also included in the rations of Aztec soldiers.

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Why was chocolate used as medicine?

During the U.S. Civil War, injured soldiers were given chocolate when available, presumably to help keep their energy up and again help them gain weight. Like the Aztecs, European doctors used chocolate to help deliver drugs—some less savory than others.

How did chocolate change the world?

Chocolate was a fashionable drink for rich Europeans throughout the 18th century. The Industrial Revolution allowed chocolate to be mass-produced and brought the treat to the masses. The popularity led to the development of cacao tree plantations. Enslaved people farmed most of the plantations.

How was chocolate used in the past?

Ancient Mesoamericans believed chocolate was an energy booster and aphrodisiac with mystical and medicinal qualities. The Mayans, who considered cacao a gift from the gods, used chocolate for sacred ceremonies and funeral offerings.

Why was chocolate so important?

The Mayans and the Aztecs believed (and perhaps some people still do) that chocolate was a gift from the gods. The Aztecs in particular revered the drink – they gave it to victorious warriors after battle, would use it during religious rituals, and even used cacao beans as currency.

Who invented chocolate?

The creation of the first modern chocolate bar is credited to Joseph Fry, who in 1847 discovered that he could make a moldable chocolate paste by adding melted cacao butter back into Dutch cocoa. By 1868, a little company called Cadbury was marketing boxes of chocolate candies in England.

How did chocolate become so popular?

Chocolate only truly became popular in Europe after they added their own flavorings such as sugar and vanilla, compared to the popular chili peppers added by the mesoamericans. Not many people know this today, but chocolate is made from the beans contained within this cacao fruit.

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Why is white chocolate is white?

Why is white chocolate white? Cocoa butter is extracted from the cocoa bean when making cocoa powder. Even though white chocolate comes from the same cacao bean as dark chocolate, it’s white because it doesn’t contain cocoa liquor and has a caramel-like colour.

Did the Mayans invent chocolate?

The Mayans invented chocolate insofar as they were the first civilization to make a beverage from the beans of the cacao tree.

Who brought chocolate to the UK?

16th century – a sugary solution And it was in Britain that Joseph Fry, a prominent Quaker, discovered the method for making chocolate into a solid in 1847 by adding back in the cocoa butter squeezed in the process of making cocoa powder.

How did chocolate improve public health?

In later eras, chocolate remedies were thought to combat emaciation, decrease “female complaints”, delay hair growth, promote kidney stone expulsion, increase production of breastmilk, prolong longevity, both encourage and prohibit sleep, clean teeth, diminish one’s timidity, and prevent syphilis.

How was chocolate used as food and medicine?

Linnaeus identified three kinds of illnesses in which chocolate could be used appropriately: loss of weight, as a consequence of lung and muscles diseases, hypochondria and hemorrhoids, adding also that it was an excellent aphrodisiac, confirming a tradition already existing in the Pre-Columbian culture [1].

Why is chocolate called the food of the gods?

The cacao tree is called Theobroma cacao in Latin, which means “food of the gods.” As a result, the Mayans worshipped a god of cacao and the chocolate was considered divine, only to be consumed by rulers, warriors, priests, and nobles during sacred ceremonies of birth, marriage, and death.

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