Readers ask: How Much Chocolate Do You Need For A Chocolate Fountain?

How Much Chocolate Do you Need for a Chocolate Fountain? If the chocolate fountain is the only sweet option being offered, then you should plan on 1 pound of chocolate for every 10 guests. If there are other sweet options available, then 1 pound of chocolate should be plenty for 20 guests.

What chocolate do you put in a chocolate fountain?

What Chocolate do you use for a Chocolate Fountain? Without exception, the finest chocolate for a chocolate fountain is Belgian. You’ll find it is a superior grade that melts very easily at a low temperature which means the sugar it contains won’t burn.

How much chocolate do I need for a mini chocolate fountain?

Fill microwave safe zip-lock bag or large microwave safe bowl with 2-5 pounds of chocolate chips or callets. 2. In most cases, oil will be necessary to ensure a smooth, even flow of chocolate through your fondue fountain. A good estimate is ½ cup of vegetable oil per 5 pounds of chocolate.

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How much chocolate do I need for a 3 tier chocolate fountain?

Requires only 900g of chocolate.

Do you need special chocolate for a chocolate fountain?

Yes, you can use any chocolate in a chocolate fountain, but it has to be formulated to have a lower viscosity, or in simpler terms make it runnier. If you add melted chocolate to a fountain without thinning it out, it will clog your machine. We’ve Made It Easy: We carry chocolate already formulated for fountain use.

How much chocolate do I need for a rival chocolate fountain?

Add chocolate to the upper pan of the double boiler. Add approximately 1 oz. of vegetable oil per every 3 oz. of chocolate you are melting to the chocolate in the upper pan.

How do you thin out chocolate for a fountain?

Well, “fountain” chocolate needs to be a fair amount thinner. Most fountains will recommend using vegetable oil to thin it out, using about ¼ cup of oil per 2 – 2.5 lbs of chocolate used. (This is assuming better quality chocolate, with high levels of cocoa butter.

What do I need for a chocolate fountain?

Chocolate Fountain Dipping Foods

  1. Marshmallows.
  2. Novelty Marshmallows.
  3. Fresh Strawberries.
  4. Fresh Pineapple.
  5. Fudge.
  6. Bananas.
  7. Seedless grapes.
  8. Doughnuts/profiteroles (depending upon availability)

Can I use chocolate chips for chocolate fountain?

What Chocolate to Use for Chocolate Fountains. They sell liquid chocolate for chocolate fountains but you don’t really need to buy that. You can use chocolate chips meant for baking chocolate chip cookies. Semi-sweet chocolate chips are very sweet and I have used them for my chocolate fountain.

Why is my chocolate fountain not flowing?

Cavetating Chocolate Fountain A chocolate fountain that cavetates simply means that air is trapped in the center tube and is preventing the chocolate from smoothly flowing up. If your chocolate isn’t melted properly – and the temperature maintained once it is melted – then the chocolate won’t continue to curtain.

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How long can a chocolate fountain run for?

How long can a Chocolate Fountain run for? Most Home Fountains are designed to run for up to approx 3 hours – perfect for a party or celebratory dinner. Sephra Commercial Fountains can run for up to 24 hours – giving you the potential to serve your customers and guests for hour after hour.

How hot does a chocolate fountain get?

The best range seems to be between 158-176 degrees. At these settings the chocolate temperature will be between 110 degrees to 120 degrees. At this temperature the chocolate will be warm to the taste; and the fountain housing and rim of the basin of the fountain will only be warm to the touch.

How do you put cheese in a chocolate fountain?

You’ll get the best flow by using nacho cheese, but you can also use processed cheese such as Velveeta. Prepare either type of cheese by heating it in a pot on the stove. Mix the cheese with water or milk to get the desired consistency. Transfer the cheese to the chocolate fountain.

How much is a chocolate fountain?

$380 – $550. The average cost for a chocolate fountain rental is $420. Hiring a chocolate fountain rental, you will likely spend between $380 – $550. The price of a chocolate fountain rental can vary greatly by region (and even by zip code).

Can I use Hershey’s syrup in a chocolate fountain?

Answer: I recommend not to use it, especially since it’s very rich in chocolate taste. There’s this product I recommend to use for chocolate fountains (as I was looking into a chocolate fountain myself). I’d see this item of Hershey’s Syrup for chocolate milk, topping on top of sundaes/ice cream in general.

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Are chocolate fountains hygienic?

We are fastidious about hygiene. We both hold current Foundation Certificates in Food Hygiene (issued by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health) and have registered and been inspected by the local authority Public Services department.

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