Readers ask: What Is Nama Chocolate?

Nama chocolate is a type of ganache, which is made from a mix of melted cacao and fresh cream. As the mixture solidifies, the block of chocolate is cut into pieces and sprinkled with cocoa powder on top.

What does Nama chocolate taste like?

“Nama Chocolate” with the fragrance of Champagne Pierre Mignon. Savor the aroma of Hennessy V.S.O.P and the subtle bitterness of cacao in this semi-sweet “Nama Chocolate”. With fresh Hokkaido cream for a delicate, melt-in-your-mouth flavor.

What is Nama Chocolate Royce?

Nama Chocolate is a form of ganache, similar to the filling inside French truffles. It’s made of fresh cream and chocolate, cut into little cubes, and dusted with fine cocoa powder. The chocolate can be called “Nama Chocolate” when it contains at least 40% chocolate and 10% cream by weight, and no more than 10% water.

Does Nama chocolate melt?

With fresh cream and, sometimes, liquor accounting for almost a quarter of combined ingredients, the extremely high moisture content level gives Nama Chocolate its distinctively silky palate and smooth texture, allowing it to melt slowly on your tongue.

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Does Nama chocolate contain alcohol?

Royce brand Nama Chocolate “Mild Cacao” (item # 12092) is said to contain 33.1 percent fresh cream, 23.6 percent sugar, 14.9 percent cocoa butter, 12.7 percent chocolate liquor, 12.1 percent whole milk powder, 2.7 percent cocoa powder, and less than one percent of emulsifier and flavor.

Why is it called Nama chocolate?

Nama chocolate comes from Japan. When he was the owner Sils Maria, a small pastry shop in Shonan, he invented nama chocolate and gave it the name. Kobayashi later joined sweet snack giant Meiji and brought Melty Kiss chocolate, a long-time hit across Asia, to reality. “Melty” represents how easy the chocolate melts.

Which Royce Nama chocolate is the best?

Of all the flavors, the Nama Chocolate “Au Lait” is the most popular and ranks No. 1. Made using Hokkaido’s fresh cream, it is a very soft, smooth, mild, milky chocolate that instantly melts in your mouth.

Is Nama Chocolate halal?

While you can easily purchase this lovely treat outside of Japan since it has outlets in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, according to the Royce’ website FAQ section, their chocolates aren’t officially halal-certified as some of their products contain liquor (this includes several of the Nama Chocolate flavours).

Is Awfully Chocolate halal certified?

Awfully Chocolate is not Muis Halal certified, and no applications have been sent in.

How long can Royce NAMA chocolate last?

Most ROYCE’ Chocolates can be kept for 3 months or till the expiry date printed, whichever is earlier. However, please note that Nama, Petite Truffe and Potatochip Chocolate have an expiry of 1 month only. However, they must be stored in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight, heat and humidity.

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Why is Royce chocolate so good?

Royce’s truffles have this decadent, silky creaminess about them (which some say is from the Hokkaido milk), that’s just so ridiculously rich and satisfying as it melts in your mouth and coats your tongue.

How much is Nama chocolate in Japan?

A Royce’ Nama Chocolate will typically cost you around 800 yen a pack, which contains 20 pieces.

What is in Godiva chocolate?

Godiva’s iconic chocolate is a harmonious balance of smooth hazelnut praliné. A traditional recipe that has been passed on by Godiva’s founders and preciously guarded by our chefs chocolatier.

Is Nama chocolate gluten free?

ROYCE’ Chocolate USA on Twitter: “Yes, the # NamaChocolate is #glutenfree!

How do I store chocolate in Malaysia?

Store between 18-23 degrees, cool and dry storage space. It is also important to the chocolate separately from other strong smelling food stuff. Where are Beryl’s Chocolates manufactured? All Beryl’s products are manufactured and packed in the Beryl’s factory in Malaysia.

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