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How Much Potassium In On Medium Sweet Potato?


Nutrient Amount in 124 g serving Recommended daily intakes for adults
Calcium (mg) 50.8 1,000–2,000
Magnesium (mg) 19.8 310–420
Phosphorus (mg) 50.8 1,000–1,200
Potassium (mg) 259 4,700


Can you have sweet potatoes on a low potassium diet?

Here’s a trick: You can lower the potassium levels in certain vegetables by a cooking process called leaching. Try this on white and sweet potatoes, carrots, beets, winter squash, and rutabagas. Fill a pot with warm water. Peel your vegetable and rinse it in warm water, then cut it into 1/8th-inch-thick slices.

Which has more potassium sweet potato or white potato?

While regular and sweet potatoes are comparable in their calorie, protein, and carb content, white potatoes provide more potassium, whereas sweet potatoes are incredibly high in vitamin A. Both types of potatoes also contain other beneficial plant compounds.

How much potassium is in a cooked sweet potato?

Potassium in Sweet Potatoes One 5-inch raw sweet potato contains about 438 milligrams of potassium. A large, cooked sweet potato in the skin contains more than 850 milligrams. A medium banana, by comparison, contains about 440 milligrams of potassium and a cup of coconut water has about 600 milligrams.

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How much potassium is in a sweet potato without skin?

Sweet potato, without skin, boiled, cooked contains 0.1 g of saturated fat and 0 mg of cholesterol per serving. 328 g of Sweet potato, without skin, boiled, cooked contains IU vitamin A, 42.0 mg of vitamin C and 0.00 mcg of vitamin D as well as 2.36 mg of iron, 88.56 mg of calcium and 754 mg of potassium.

Does boiling sweet potatoes remove potassium?

What’s the best way to reduce potassium in potatoes? For the most effective potassium removal, potatoes must be cut into small pieces, sliced thin or grated. If boiled at least 10 minutes in a large pot of water, potassium is reduced by at least half the original amount.

Which has more potassium baked potato or sweet potato?

Minerals. Both types of potatoes contain almost equal amounts of magnesium, phosphorus, copper, zinc and iron. A baked potato offers more potassium, however, with 926 milligrams versus 855 milligrams in a sweet potato.

Is there a lot of potassium in sweet potatoes?

But potatoes aren’t just good sources of potassium. They also contain vitamins A, C, B6, and manganese. Potatoes and sweet potatoes are excellent sources of potassium. A large baked potato provides 1,600 mg, while a large sweet potato provides 1,110 mg.

What potatoes have the most potassium?

Results: Mean potassium content was highest in the purple Viking potato (448.1 +/- 60.5 mg [11.5 +/- 1.6 mEq]/100 g [values are mean +/- SD unless otherwise noted]), and lowest in the Idaho potato (295 +/- 15.7 mg [7.6 +/- 0.4 mEq]/100 g).

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What type of potatoes have the most potassium?

POTATOES. Although sweet potatoes have quite the health halo (and for good reason), their white potato counterparts actually have more potassium per serving. Per the USDA, one medium baked potato has 941 mg of potassium—about 20 percent of your daily value.

Is boiled sweet potato high in potassium?

Notably, sweet potatoes sometimes have a lower GI and boast higher amounts of both sugar and fiber. Both are good sources of vitamin C and potassium, but sweet potatoes also provide excellent amounts of beta carotene, which your body can transform into vitamin A.

How much potassium is in a white sweet potato?

The FDA’s nutrient analysis for the Top 20 Raw Vegetables indicates the following: Both white and sweet potatoes are good sources of potassium. A medium-size white potato offers 620 mg of potassium while a medium-size sweet potato offers 440 mg of potassium.

Does sweet potato pie have potassium?

Sweet potato pie contains 6 g of saturated fat and 24 mg of cholesterol per serving. 136 g of Sweet potato pie contains IU vitamin A, mg of vitamin C and mcg of vitamin D as well as 1.01 mg of iron, 115.60 mg of calcium and 360 mg of potassium.

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