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Often asked: What Temperature Does Sweet Potato Plants Love Best?

Sweet potatoes grow best where the air temperature remains very warm, from 75° to 95°F (24-35°C) throughout the growing season. Sweet potatoes are best started indoors as early as 12 weeks before they are placed in the garden. Sweet potatoes require from 100 to 150 days to reach harvest.

What temperature do sweet potatoes stop growing?

Sweet potatoes will continue to grow, as long as soil temperatures on average remain above 65 degrees (F), or tops are killed by frost.

What temperature is too cold for sweet potato vines?

Ipomoea batatas, or sweet potato vine, thrives in hot, tropical climates and is an ornamental foliage plant often used as a foil for flowering displays. This heat loving perennial will die back if the plant experiences hard freezes below 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 C.).

How cold can sweet potato plants tolerate?

Sweet potatoes are very susceptible to chill injury, and must be cured at high temperatures (90 degrees) for 5 to 7 days, and then stored above 55-degrees for long-term viability. This also means you need to get them out of the field before soil temperatures drop below 55.

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What temperature do potato plants like?

The ideal temperature for growing potatoes is 60° to 70°F (16-21°C); temperatures greater than 80°F (26°C) are usually too warm for potatoes. Grow a variety that can come to harvest in cool to mild, not hot, weather.

What month is best to plant sweet potatoes?

Sweet Potato Planting Time:

  • Set sweet potato starts in the garden after all danger of frost is past in spring, usually about 4 weeks after the last frost.
  • Sweet potatoes are extremely sensitive to frost and need a warm, moist growing season of as many as 150 days.

Can sweet potatoes plants survive frost?

Native to the tropical regions of the Americas, sweet potato vines are hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 8 through 11, depending on the variety. While the vines die back in cold weather, in frost-free climates the tubers should survive the winter and sprout new vines in the spring.

Can sweet potato vines survive 40 degrees?

Just a few days of temperatures near 40 degrees Fahrenheit is too chilly for sweet potato vines and can kill them. That’s why it’s important not to plant sweet potato vines outdoors until the soil is at least 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Do sweet potato vines need full sun?

SWEET POTATO VINE FAQ’s Plants are adaptable to varying light conditions from full sun to shade. Foliage color is richest when plants receive at least 6 hours of full sun per day. Leaves will be greener when planted in shade.

How long will a sweet potato plant live?

The sweet potato is a perennial plant (one that lives for more than 2 years ) originating in the tropical Americas. When grown in the United States, it is treated as a warm-season annual (a plant that completes its life cycle in 1 year).

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Are sweet potatoes frost hardy?

Sweet potatoes love the heat of summer and do not tolerate any frost. The warmer, the better the harvest will be. In our area, heat-loving plants will need help.

What is the lowest temperature sweet potato vines tolerate?

The lowest temperature sweet potato vine can tolerate is 15° F, but only for a very brief period of time. The plant will die back once it gets below freezing, however the tubers can still survive underground.

How far north can you grow sweet potatoes?

In order to grow sweet potatoes in the North ( Zones 3 to 5 ), you can’t wait until July — you must make full use of June by warming up the soil.

What temperature is too cold to plant potatoes?

Critical Potato Plant Temperatures Temperatures between 29 and 32 F cause light frost, but temperatures from 25 to 28 F inflict serious damage to potatoes. In the fall, a hard freeze of 24 F or below ends the season, but a brief hard freeze in spring only kills potato plants to ground level.

Is it too cold to plant potatoes?

Potatoes do have a temperature range they prefer, however there is very little the average gardener can do to control this. Ideally they prefer a soil temperature somewhere around 20C / 68F. A soil temperature above 30C / 86F will cause development problems.

Does frost hurt sweet potatoes?

Frost and cold weather can hurt sweet potatoes at harvest time even though you might think they’re insulated underground. When frost kills and blackens the vines above ground, decay can start in on the dead vines and pass down to the roots. Try to dig the sweet potatoes on a dry, overcast day.

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