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Quick Answer: What Type Of Shochu Is Sweet Potato Shochu?

Made with 100% carefully select top grade Kogane Sengan sweet potato. Kuro Shiranami has mild sweetness with light body and aroma. Our highly skilled Shochu master brewer (Toji) from Kurose prepared this Shochu with care.

Kuro Shiranami.

Alcohol % 25% (50 proof) and 24% (48 proof, USA only)
Koji Kuro (Black) Koji

What is sweet potato shochu?

Shochu is a distilled alcoholic beverage that is produced in Japan, and sweet potato shochu, a kind of shochu made from sweet potatoes, is a classic example of a fermented product that uses sweet potato as its base ingredient. After this, sweet potato and water are added, and further fermentation continues.

What does sweet potato shochu taste like?

What Does Shochu Taste Like? The flavor of shōchū ultimately depends on its base ingredient and how many times it has been distilled, but its taste is sometimes described as a cross between vodka and whiskey. Shōchū made from rice will taste quite different from barley or sweet potato shōchū.

What type of alcohol is shochu?

Shochu is a Japanese distilled spirit beverage which contains about 25% (some kinds can go up to 40% alcoholic content). Unlike sake which is a brewed alcohol made from rice only, shochu is made from many kinds of ingredients such as Japanese sweet potatoes, barley, rice, and buckwheat.

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Is shochu and soju the same?

Soju and shochu are both made from a base of fermented ingredients, often grain, such as rice or barley. “The etymology of their names are the same: the ‘so’ in soju and ‘sho’ in shochu both mean ‘burn’ or ‘burned’; the ‘ju’ in soju and the ‘chu’ in shochu both mean alcohol.

What is the difference between shochu and sake?

Sake is a brewed alcohol while Shochu is distilled liquor, which also leads to the difference in alcohol contents. What’s more, Sake is made to be drunk within a year of its release, while Shochu can improve with ageing.

What came first shochu or soju?

Shochu originated in Japan at least 500 years ago. It shares certain characteristics with soju, including a similarly low ABV (between 25 and 30 percent ABV on average) and pronunciation.

What is shochu made out of?

Shochu is a Japanese traditional hard liquor, distilled spirits made from grains and vegetables. The most common base ingredients are sweet potato, barley, rice, buckwheat and sugar cane.

Is Jinro a soju?

Jinro is soju, and so much more. Jinro is best known for its soju, but it also produces other boozy beverages. Jinro Chamisul Fresh Soju is a slightly lower-ABV version filtered through charcoal made from Korean bamboo. Jinro 24, a 24-percent-ABV version of the spirit, is ideal for mixing in cocktails.

What is distilled Saki called?

Sake is fermented, whereas shochu is distilled. Sake is made from rice, while shochu can be made from sweet potato (imo), barley (mugi), rice (kome), and other ingredients.

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How do you drink sweet potato shochu?

Probably the most common way to enjoy honkaku shochu is on the rocks or rocks with a little water or soda. Alternatively keep a bottle in the fridge to enjoy cold without diluting with ice. Dilute about 2 parts cold water to 3 parts shochu and drink like wine. Use hot water in winter for the ultimate winter warmer.

Can alcohol be made from sweet potatoes?

Unfortunately, the thing that makes sweet potatoes healthier than white potatoes is the same thing that makes it tricky to turn them into alcohol. Sweet potatoes contain sugars our bodies can’t actually break down. Today it takes only 10-to-15 pounds of sweet potatoes to make a batch of his Corbin Sweet Potato Vodka.

Is Saki a wine or spirit?

Not a wine, a beer or a spirit, sake is a beverage category unto itself. A cherished pour in Japan for over 2500 years, sake is increasingly making its mark across the world, appearing on wine lists, bottle shelves, and in the cocktails of drinks professionals in-the-know.

Does shochu have alcohol?

The alcohol content of most shochu and awamori is between 20 and 30 percent, which is substantially lower than other world spirits, which are mainly over 35 percent. Since its alcohol content is low, its aroma can be easily discerned from the moment it is poured into a wine glass.

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