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What Eats The Ends Of Sweet Potato Vines?

Voles (Microtus spp.), ground squirrels (Spermophilus beecheyi), and gophers (Thomomys spp.) have a common taste for sweet potato vines. Voles look similar to mice and are about 6 inches long. Their damage is concentrated near to the ground.

What is eating the leaves off my sweet potato vine?

Holes in the leaves of morning glory and sweet potato vine may be the first clue your plants are infested with goldbug. This 5 to 7 mm long bright gold beetle is also known as the golden tortoise beetle. Both the adult and larvae feed on the leaves of all members of the morning glory family.

How do I keep bugs from eating my sweet potato vine?

The University of California Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program suggests you wear protective clothing and eyewear, socks, shoes and a hat while you drench the leaves on both sides. The solution kills the pests on contact.

What animals eat potato leaves?

Voles, mice and raccoons are a few hungry critters that may feed on your potato plants.

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Do chipmunks eat sweet potato vines?

rodents of any ilk love sweet potato vines. I grow them and lose them mostly to groundhogs and chipmunks.

Do rabbits eat sweet potato leaves?

Sweet potato leaves are safe for rabbits to eat. But make sure you are preparing them properly by cleaning them thoroughly, just like you would with sweet potato vines.

Do slugs eat sweet potato vines?

Damage. Snails eat tender, succulent plant parts, such as you’ll find on sweet potato vine. Snails and slugs both leave a silvery trail of dried mucus as their tell-tale calling card. A serious infestation can leave plant parts riddled with holes, stripped of flowers, or cut entirely to the ground from the base.

How do I get rid of sweet potato bugs?

Monterey Garden Insect Spray is a popular formula that contains spinosad, and it will demolish the potato bug population very well. Finally, a pyrethrin-based spray such as Safer Brand Home & Garden Spray is also another good choice against most beetles as well as caterpillars.

What pests eat sweet potato leaves?

Sweet Potato Flea Beetle Sweet potato leaves are often damaged by sweet potato flea beetles (Chaetocnema confinis); however, most damage to the plant occurs from larvae feeding on the roots. Adult beetles are black, about 1/16-inch long and usually hop away when disturbed.

What insecticide has pyrethrin in it?

Safer® Brand’s EndALL® pest control product contains a combination of pyrethrin, potassium salts of fatty acids and neem oil and is compliant for use in organic gardening. You can also use Safer® Brand Insecticidal Soap and Pyrethrin Insect Killer to help eliminate additional pests in your garden.

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Do rabbits eat sweet potato vine?

Can Rabbits Eat Sweet Potato Vines and Leaves? Yes! While sweet potato leaves and vines are safe for your bunny, standard potato vines are toxic to rabbits.

Do raccoons eat sweet potatoes?

In addition to garbage cans, raccoons are notorious for their love of sweet corn. These omnivores will also eat strawberries, tree fruits, peas, potatoes, melons, and grubs found in your lawn.

Will deer eat sweet potato vines?

Deer Love Sweet Potato Vines If you have sweet potato vines, whether they are ornamental or grown for the tubers, you will likely have deer problems. These vines are very attractive to deer. To save your plant from becoming deer food, you need to protect both the plant and your garden from the pesky invaders.

Do Voles eat sweet potatoes?

Voles eat sweet potatoes, tulip bulbs and plant roots. They can kill a plant. Voles use the mole runs as super-highways to do their damage. Since moles eat insects, using Bayer Advanced Insect Control to eliminate grubs will help get rid of them.

Do possums eat sweet potatoes?

So what does a sweet potato mean to a possum anyway? Well, a possum is a scavenger. They subsist on a diet of bugs, slugs, and roadkill. So having a nice juicy sweet potato for a meal is like winning the lottery.

Do squirrels eat sweet potatoes?

After seeds, vegetables are the most important part of your squirrel’s daily diet. Sweet potatoes and corn are popular choices and also very nutritious for your little pet. A nice chunk of a vegetable will also give your squirrel a natural water source and add some variety to the diet.

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